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Are You Looking To Get Rid Of a Paintball Gun? Or Tank?

We are happy to take a look at your equipment and make you an offer!

We do have a few rules, so here is generally how we price things:

  1. We generally do not take in things that will retail at less than $100.
    Because of this we are not interested in most starter markers.
  2. We will do our best to guestimate the current retail value of the equipment, then offer you approximately 60% of that. With each trade in we have to put time into going through it to ensure it is in top shape for its new owner.
    If you are looking to trade your marker in you will typically be offered a little more, while if you are looking to straight out sell the marker you will likely get a little less.
  3. Please know that any marker that comes in for sale is considered a USED MARKER. Because of this we must look at the current used market to determine the value.

To find out more about our program feel free to stop by the shop or shoot a call to discuss at (425) 257-9800.

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